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In this Milwaukee lawn mower review, You’ll find everything you need to know about power, runtime, cut quality, and unique features. I just discovered this existed. I waited for this mower for years but I eventually had to upgrade and this didn’t exist. I bought an electric starter Runner-up. Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP. years ago and it was around $800US.Great, But Missing a Few Features. …

It has a full-blade clutch, Actually an Ego lover here, but wow this is impressive. Recently I bought a Milwaukee M18 fuel self-propelled mower that seems to have made it into a real mower. One wonderful thing I see is a Tool-free adjustment on the handle to pick it up and I also like how the Milwaukee seems to fold easier and the plastic deck won’t rust. However, the lights in Milwaukee are nice. so the price isn’t out of line. I note that their controls and their function are very similar to the Ego I have, and I have always liked how they are set up, and how they work.  let’s go ahead and take a little tour and what we’ve got here so 

We have a 21-inch deck, so when Milwaukee refers to this mower as a 21-inch mower, they really mean it—they’re not fooling about with a 20.5- or 20-inch blade on a bigger deck. We like that they did that.

Since our wheels are rubberized and have a softer outside, they have more traction than others and roll very smoothly. Both while employing the self-propelled drive and when all four wheels are doing this, it appears as though there are bearings in place.

This machine weighs 85 pounds with both batteries inside, which is a little weird for a professional-level mower. It also has a single-point adjustment system, which isn’t ideal.

Single-Point Height Adjustment.

It may be adjusted from one inch to four inches. There are seven different increments there, ranging from one to four inches in half-inch steps.

Requires Two M18 Batteries.

The fact that this is Milwaukee’s first two-battery system and that this mower needs two batteries to operate (it runs on two m18 batteries and is 36 volts) is a big thing. Milwaukee strongly advises utilizing the high-power, 12-amp-hour batteries for this mower. The Milwaukee battery is excellent; it charges completely within an hour and lasts me much longer than I require. Any m18 battery will work if you absolutely must use something else; however, they will provide the best performance and runtime.


Looking behind the mower, you can see that we have led indicators on the back here. This is really helpful because it allows you to see how much battery charge you have while mowing. The amount of charge will decrease one bar at a time, just like it does on the batteries themselves; you just don’t have to open the door to check the batteries.

One of the cool things about Milwaukee is that they added LED lights to the side of this object in addition to the front.

If you’re working in low light or no light settings early in the morning or late at night, this is something we haven’t seen before because when these guys light up, there is a whole 180 degrees’ worth of led light going around.

We really, really enjoy the fact that you can see more of what you’re doing with this led than with most of the other LEDs we’ve seen.

Milwaukee created this as a three-in-one mower, allowing you to side discharge, bag, and mulch at the same time.

It is slightly simpler to put on or take off because they made it wide enough to slip in between the handles.

Since there is a lot of wind coming from the blades and we did observe that if this is sticking out slightly it’ll push that, the mower does come with a mulching plug that slides in, shuts off that circular area of the deck, and then the door holds it in place so that it doesn’t blow out.

plug now the side disc charge.

is interesting because technically it’s a rear install for a side discharge and you can kind of see these arrows help you direct how to install that so it’s going to slide on right there underneath the bar and then these arrows line up to let you know that you’re lined up correctly the door closes over that to hold it in place so it doesn’t move while you’re mowing but notice where this stretches so it’s coming around to the side it is going to shoot out to the side but it doesn’t change the width of the mower it’s all contained within the width of the deck itself so if you’re going through those narrow areas or you’ve got smaller gates and things that you’re trying to go through you don’t have to worry about the lifting up the side discharge as you do on some mowers.


There are three height options to work with; I’m six feet two and have found the middle position to be the most comfortable. Clint is, well, let’s just say he’s a lot shorter than me, so these just flip very quickly. He believes that the midway position is the best one you can put lower.

You can store it vertically, but you’ll need to remove the bag or the rear discharge if you’re using those. If you’re using those, the mulching plug is staying just fine, so find a higher position and flip the handles forward to let those detents knock into position, just like we see on many battery-powered mowers.

and as you ascend to the control deck, you’ll notice a number of pretty unique features.

You can engage the self-propelled drive without the blades on, so just hit your presence bar, hit your drive, and you’re good to go. This is similar to how most other presence bars work, with the exception that you’ll notice that it recesses into the handle here to make it a little bit more comfortable when you’re gripping the main handle.

you’ve got two different buttons down here

one is for the headlight so like we were looking at before just a simple on or off and then there’s this mode.

this is a high lift mode

This mode keeps the mower at its top rpm so your bagging will be better or if you’re scurrying around the lawn in the fall trying to pick up leaves it will perform better. Normally when you’re running the mower it’s going to work like most powered mowers drops the RPMs down to as low as 2 800 when the grass is light but when that load increases it automatically lifts it up as much as 3 300 rpm.

so right here we have this roller

 This is an infinite adjustment slider; there are no little clicking detents in between (I prefer the clicks), but this one is stiff enough that it doesn’t bounce into a different position when you’re mowing but it’s also not so loose that it’s a pain in the butt to use when you’re a beginner. The deal allows us to change the self-propelled drive speed from zero to four miles per hour.

over here you’ve got the blade engagement,

Therefore, lower your presence bar, press the button, and your blades will turn on and off. This will accelerate to its maximum rpm in less than a second.

Thumb bar self-propelled drive.

That’s really cool, then. The other thing Milwaukee has going on is the self-propelled drive engagement here. It’s a thumb bar, and you can see how it kind of naturally curves to the positions of your hands. Some people are going to have an issue with the thumb bar because it only uses your thumbs, and the spring in there is pushing it back against you after a while, so after a while, it does start to introduce some fatigue. What I found when I was mowing was that I was bringing my hands closer to the speed on this roller wheel here. If you need to slow down for thicker grass, a hill, or when going up or down a hill, just ease off on that and you’ll slow the drive down. You also have it here so you can set your maximum speed on the roller. Then, just like a variable speed trigger, the more you push this down, the closer you get to that top speed.

Overall this is a really well-built mower. there’s not a lot of flex in the frame at all and it has all the earmarks of a commercial build. So what about performance now? First of all, let’s talk about power there are different ways to describe it. some people talk about RPMs and things like that. I said before this will get all the way up to 3 300 RPMs, but it’s foot-pounds of torque to really tell the story because that’s how much power the mower can keep going when the grass gets thick, the best battery power mower that we’ve seen. So far it has been 8.3 foot-pounds of torque it does a great job and actually exceeds most gas mowers. but Milwaukee has 10 foot-pounds of torque. it’s monstrous, I ran it through a torture test where I haven’t mowed in a couple of months and I dropped the deck all the way down to see how far the mower would go before it stopped. because it was clogged up it didn’t stop it just kept going so now that, I know that, the mower has plenty of power.

The next part of the conversation is run time so I got two 12 amp hour batteries in there that’s a total of 432-watt hours of capacity.

Milwaukee says, that they can get up to 60 minutes of runtime out of this and the conditions that they set are they taking one inch of grass off using mulching mode and they’re running at three miles per hour now that’s not what I did at all we needed to take four to six inches off of our grass because we were anticipating this test coming and I ran for 43 minutes and 27 seconds so compared to what we were cutting in.

Milwaukee’s estimates of their hour-long run time seem just about right, the impressive run time for the amount of cutting that we were doing now. What about if you’re using that high-lift mode? That’s going to drop the runtime by about 33, so expect about 40 minutes on that but remember you’re using that for your bagging, you’re using that for your leaf collection where the load on the mower is a little bit lower. now if

you’re trying to stay in that mode and do heavy cutting you might lose a little bit more than that but expect around 40 minutes.

the last part of the conversation here is price and this is not a cheap mower by any stretch of the imagination with two 12 amp hour batteries and a dual port rapid charger this is 999 dollars now which sounds really expensive compared to battery-powered mowers and

That’s true, but this is not a residential mower, this is a commercial mower designed for professionals. who need it to either supplement what they’ve got on their trailer when they can’t use a gas engine or be a primary tool if they want to have the batteries for it. So when you keep in mind that commercial-level gas mowers start north of eight hundred dollars and can run more than thirteen hundred dollars, 9.99 is absolutely appropriate for this level of the mower. overall Milwaukee did a fantastic job, designing this mower and it doesn’t feel like a first-generation product at all. there is a little bit of room for improvement with some tweaks here and there maybe for a generation coming up

but this is the most capable commercial-level battery-powered mower that we’ve seen. so far look for this one at

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